Heavy duty escalator
Heavy duty escalator
Heavy duty Escalator Specification


Model:                                 TETM/TETF

Installation site:                   Indoor

Rise:                                   up to 16m

Angle:                                 30°/35°

Speed:                                0.5m/s

Horizontal steps:                  2/3/4pcs

Step width(mm):                  1400/1200/1000/800/600


Safety Features:


驱动链断裂保护/Broken drive-chain contact

围裙板异物保护/Skirting contact

扶手带入口保护/Handrail entrance contact

梯级链断裂保护/Broken step-chain contact

工作制动器/Working brake

相序保护/Phase sensor

梯级下陷保护/Step sag contact

维修锁/Manitenance locking device

主机超负荷和过热保护/Motor overload and overheat contact

梳齿板异物保护/Comb contact

梯级间隙照明/Step gap illumination

马达速递监控/Motor speed sensor

静电刷/Static brush

静电保护/Static contact

紧急停止按钮/Emergency stop button

主驱动链保护/Main drive-chain contact

警铃/Bell Ring

超速监控/Over speed sensor

低速监控/Under speed sensor

逆向运转保护/Reversal prevent

短路保护/Short circuit contact

自动润滑/Auto lubrication

扶手测试/Handrail speed sensor

安全毛刷/Skirting Brush

漫射光电装置/Diffuse Photoelectric Device

防滑/Anti-skid device

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